I am a VFX & Motion Graphics artist and video editor always looking for new experiences. Currently doing a VFX Master with Maya, Nuke and Houdini at CICE Academy, Madrid. I started years ago studying Audiovisual Comunication in Rey Juan Carlos I University, and from there I always kept evolving in this world of machines and design, that is always changing and exciting. My curiousity to understand better the tools I use to work everyday, and how things work inside, made me study electronics as well.


I was always very interested about learning new languages and these days I continue my reckless decision to learn german :)

At the moment I am specially fascinated about the fact that digital design and electronic devices are interacting with each other in a way never seen before, providing great opportunities in entertainment, education, scientific research, etc. So I will be very happy to share and use my knowledge - and keep learning - in projects that aim to make our wold keep moving into a better one.